Eluveitie’s new The Call Of The Mountains is really amazing.



Eluveitie’s new The Call Of The Mountains is really amazing.


There are a lot of haters for female singers, for different reasons but I’ve never heard anyone hate Sharon Den Adel which only shows how awesome she is.



There are a lot of haters for female singers, for different reasons but I’ve never heard anyone hate Sharon Den Adel which only shows how awesome she is.

Diamond Bound

Icy found her fingers wrapping around the diamond resting on her neck.

The mineral resting there was rather precious to her.

It was cold to the touch—as it should be—glittering, and smooth.

It was like a reflex to touch it. When under stress Icy would find herself clutching or tapping the diamond.

When upset or despairing, she’d unhook the choker from her neck and bring it to her lips. Leaving a metallic taste in her mouth.

Other than that, Icy’d never take the choker off. She’d lose her powers before she let the diamond go.

The diamond was salvation, the diamond was consoling…

Especially when there was no one else to talk to…

And there was usually never anyone to talk to.

And so Icy would often find herself whispering to the diamond after something went wrong for her. She did so when no one was around to see or judge.

And judge they would.

They all insisted that it was just a silly gem, that it wasn’t important. It was meaningless. Others would insist that her ‘obsession’ with the diamond was materialistic and greedy.

But they didn’t know or understand. They never would know the truth of the matter…

What genuine value the diamond had.

Icy saw it happen. She wasn’t past ten years when the ‘Dark Man’ came. He was just a lore. Or a myth. Or so everyone thought.

On her home planet, they told of the Dark Man at sleepovers for the thrill. The stories weren’t scary because of gore or sheer horror. They were chilling because they were all to possible.

The Dark Man would come in the night, casting dark spells on those whom had divorced their spouse.

The girls at the sleepovers would laugh at the tales because they all had two parents. Icy would laugh along pretending like she did too.

It was on the night after that The Dark Man came for Icy’s mother. All it took was a simple three word incantation and Icy’s mother fell to the floor. Her body crystallized, shrinking and fading until it was little more than a tiny gem Icy’ could fit in her palm.

She’d long since given up hopes of bringing her mom back to her true form.

Icy didn’t know if her mother could hear her still, but she would talk anyways, just in case.To make sure her mother knew she wasn’t forgotten. To at least pretend that she had someone to talk to if nothing else.

She’d vent about how she failed in taking the dragon fire.

She’d talk to her mother about how annoying Darcy and Story where…but how she continued to associate with them anyhow.

She’d tell her mother stories about her life. Though she knew her mother was there the whole time, she couldn’t be sure if the woman could see.

She’d apologize to her mother for not being a good person…

If only her mother could answer. More than anything Icy wanted to know if her mother was proud or disappointed.

Yes she attacked the fairy regularly.

Yes she was trying to steal the dragon flame.

Yes she was doing more bad than good.

But the flame was Icy’s one shot at bringing back her mother. She had to have it.

Icy bought the diamond to her lips and whispered another apology.

Most sports: Oh my god. We only get a minute rest?


More Seal Puppys





Tim Burton should just make a movie called ‘Johnny Depp’.

starring helena bonham carter as johnny depp

Co-starring Johnny Depp as Helena Bonham Carter.


Story with romance and humor. Ming hua when she is surprised suddenly she waves her water arms around like Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubemen.

P’Li had compiled a rather large list of things that annoyed her over the years. But there was nothing as annoying…nothing quite like some of the things Ming Hua does.

It was their third anniversary. P’Li honestly couldn’t believe that she married that psychotic waterbender of all people. Moreover that she was just about to celebrate three years of putting up with the strange quirky things Ming did.

Yup, there were loads of strange things that Ming did. But one thing above all else always seemed to take the cookie.

And P’Li would probably be dealing with said action very shortly.

The combustionbender had been working with Zaheer and Ghazan all day to set up a little surprise anniversary present for her spouse. It’d be something simple but Ming would like it. The three set up a little party of sorts.

They decorated their hide out with balloons in cyan blue—Ming’s favorite color—and tossed about some streamers of the same color. P’Li had drawn little hearts on each. Zaheer and Ghazan hung up a banner or two reading; congratulations and ‘happy anniversary’.

They also set up a table with Artic Hen, Pickled Fish, and Kale Cookies. The three food items were among Ming’s favorite. Centerfold on the makeshift table rested a bouquet of hand-picked Moonlilies. It wasn’t much, but it was something.

It was a little after nightfall when Ming walked in—and by the looks of it—with a present or two for P’Li.

“Happy anniversary dear.” P’Li wrapped her arms around Ming, and gave her a peck on the nose. “I made you a little something.” She moved over to give Ming a closer look.

And then it happened; all the items in Ming’s makeshift arms fell to the floor as the waterbender flailed her little water arms around in both surprise and excitement.

This time as she flailed about, she managed to whack Zaheer a good one.

Yup, that always made it to the top of P’Li’s ‘how annoying’ list. Whenever Ming Hua was caught off guard or excited, the woman would react by flailing her liquid arms every which way. At some point P’Li began to wonder if Ming only continued doing so because she knew it annoyed her wife.

It was the most embarrassing thing, but tonight P’Li just rolled her eyes and laughed along.

Cherry Tea

Zuko touched his palm to his sister’s forehead.

The girl was burning up—and not in that empowering, frightening way that she usually was. No, this was a different kind of burning. A feverish burning.

He looked Azula over. She was bundled up tightly, holding her blankets close to her body. Her face was rather flushed and her nose red—likely from rubbing it with so many tissues, tissues that where uncharacteristically scattered all over the floor. When Azula was sick it was literally hit or miss in that regard, if she was able to successfully land them in the trash if not…well, she was too lazy to pick them up.

A second glance revealed a pair of tired eyes. Being the older brother, Zuko knew very well that Azula was a light sleeper. On a normal day the slightest bump or knock could wake her up. So when the girl was ill, sleep was hard for her to attain.

She sat up and coughed into her sleeve. Once…twice…thrice. And then it became an all-out coughing fit.

He could tell by the very sound of her coughs that her throat was sore and her voice would come out hoarse.

Zuko seemed to cringe at every cough.

He knew he shouldn’t have taken her to the Southern Water Tribe with him. He also knew that he should have been more insistent on her wearing her coat.

“I’m so sorry Azula.” He whispered.

Azula’s voice came out just as hoarse as Zuko expected. “Don’t be so dramatic Zu-Zu.” She laughed. The laugh only served to throw her into another fit of coughs before she continued. “It’s just a cold.” She burrowed her head deeper into the pillow beneath it.

“But what if it gets worse?” Zuko asked.

“And they said I was the paranoid one.” Azula muttered. “I’m fine Zu-Zu…well I will be after you get me—or have the servants get me—a  cup of warm tea. You know, for my throat.”

“I suppose I could do that for you.” Zuko smiled. Truth be told he wanted to make it for her himself. The two certainly haven’t always gotten along, but since the Comet he and Azula had made amends of some sort.

It took the pair a while but without much vocalization—and with Zuko making frequent trips to visit and consul Azula in the asylum—both had come to realize that perhaps so many years of bickering simply wasn’t worth it, that they could simply accomplish much more together.  And both seemed to place the rift in their family on their father.

 For that reason Zuko wanted to take care of his sister by himself—maybe he wasn’t a good older brother before, but he would be now.  He’d make up for the problems in they had in the past.

“Zu-Zu, add some cherry to it if you will.”

“I’ll try to remove the pits.” Zuko gave her a lopsided grin. Azula gave him a light kick, but she did so with a playful smile.

“I’ll be back in a second or two.” He gave her a slight nod and made his way to the kitchen.  Truth be told Zuko didn’t quite know how to make tea, that was always uncle’s job. He’d just have to hope that years of watching Iroh would pay off.

If he made the tea right, Azula would sound less hoarse after drinking it. When the two were just kids, Azula used to claim that nice hot tea would make her throat feel better. That was one thing he hopped didn’t change.

Zuko returned to her bedside with the tea. “Careful it’s…”

Azula snatched the cup and took a rather large sip.

“…Hot.” He finished.

“Isn’t that the point Zu-Zu?” Azula asked. She continued drinking the tea.

“Do you like it?”


“The tea, do you like it? I made it myself.”

“Not enough cherry, but it’s good enough.” Azula replied between sips. She sniffled. When she finished the tea, she set the cup on her nightstand and rolled onto her side.  


Azula woke up to a pounding in her head and a dull ache in her stomach. Wincing, she curled up into the fetal position.


Her stomach lurched, she felt a wave nausea.  

She stood up and headed for Zuko’s room. With each step her head seemed to pound more furiously.  She stumbled into his room and sat down on his bed.

At first he didn’t seem to notice her. But when Azula shifted positions he bolted upright. “Azula!? What are you doing in my room?”

“I’ve got a headache. And if I can’t sleep, you can’t either.” She shrugged.

Zuko rubbed his eyes. “I’ll see if I can get you some kind of herbal remedy. Aang told be about these frogs he found when Sokka and Katara were sick…you suck on them and…”

“Zu-Zu. Do I look like the kind of person who will suck on a frog, under any circumstance?”

Zuko sighed. “Alright fine, you and I can just stay up all night.”

“No thanks.” Azula replied and put her head on his pillow.

“What are you…?”

“You’re bed is more comfy.” Truth be told, Azula just wanted someone to be there in case something happened. And whether she liked to admit it or not, her older brother was rather comforting to be around. “Night, Zu-Zu.”

Zuko ruffled his hair. Apparently he’d be sleeping on the floor tonight. “Goodnight Azula. I hope you feel better in the morning.” 

Sharon Den Adel with a flaming breadstick because reasons.

Sharon Den Adel with a flaming breadstick because reasons.

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